Airmade Why Us

Why US

Let us help you with what we do everyday:

Some of these points are the result of many years of experience in the market, others are a goal that we pursue daily to respond to a clear market demand: “We need a reliable production partner that allows us to relieve risks and responsibilities so that we can focus on strengthening our Brand Value and Marketing”

Over 100 years

Airmade comes from two production realities that together exceed 100 years of operation. In addition to the experience and confidence gained in all these years, we can state that the greatest value we have achieved is the predisposition to change and innovation.


Two production plants, more than €20.000.000 in production technology and important clients all around europe as : HASSELBLAD, DANA, SACMI, MAGNETI MARELLI, ZF, MITSUBISHI, DELORO, OERLIKON are some of the evidence of the solidity of our group.

Italian design

We are own culture! We are proud to be born in this wonderful land where artistic sensibility is developed since the early years of age. In addition to creativity, our designers have a very careful look at feasibility and optimization of the industrial process.

Complete process

The secret of our success is to carry on the whole production process. As in any system, the fewer are the elements the fewer are the problems: less interlocutors, less management responsibility, less communication issues, less wastes of time, less costs.

Cost reduction

Time is money! High engineering expertise and the capacity to have prototypes in real time allows us to drastically accelerate production steps. Process simplification and the acquisition of the entire order allow us to reduce fees to our clients.

No limits

We design and produce from small components to complex products or devices with curiosity and passion. In the last years, we have gained experience in the development of aerospace items, overcoming the challenge of getting the EASA certification.

Multidisciplinary team

A complex process as product manufacturing needs lots of skills to work. We have created a team where technical look dialogue with creative intuitions and where marketing and financial sights have a strategical position on decision making.

Good Communication

The ability to speak in Italian, English, Spanish and German allows us to easy communicate with almost all the World. A great and fast representation ability plus a Western form-mentis are our keys to produce efficient communication with our clients.


We have been granted the certifications which guarantee the quality of our structure and allow us to handle any kind of project without any technical or bureaucratic obstacle. We work with utmost care to get all the certifications needed for our artefacts.