We are what we repeatedly do
Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit

Our Story

Airmade is a company born from two italian realities, Ambrosi Cesare Srl in Trento and Natale Zuffinetti Srl in Milan, that have been working in synergy fort the past fifteen years.

After three generations experience in design and manufacture of mechanical parts for industry, customers’ continuing demand for solving increasingly complex mechanisms and products led the two companies managers to get together in a new business to respond to that request.

To the experience of the two historic companies, Airmade adds new skills in the field of design and marketing, new production systems that go beyond numerical control machines and an important reinforcement in packaging and logistics.
The Airmade formula is now tested by several projects but is constantly improving to make the process more efficient and slim.
Although we work with all sectors, the last few years requests allowed us to gain considerable experience in the transport production industry.

Our Structure

Airmade is structured with two production plants with years of testing and improvements. Our technical department count with the latest engineering softwares, which permit us to solve almost every construction problem before realization. We rely on a last-generation production park that allows us to build prototypes practically in real time, build molds for production through plastic materials and sheet metal processing or to produce the final components of the product. The assembly area is designed to be flexible and adapt to the needs of the different projects.
All this infrastructure can only make sense thanks to the complex work the Airmade Team carry on everyday.

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